Ananda members talk, March & April, 1996: Part 2

Get a Life!
Brian Powers

March 20, 1996

Dear Members of the Ananda Termite Party,

I sat several times with the intention of responding to the negative letters regarding the future of our community, the failings of our spiritual leader, our complete bumbling incompetence and inability to recognize right from wrong, and our failure to honor and recognize the “South American Election” manner of counting supporters, i.e., each of our supporters’ votes counts as five hundred each of theirs counts as one. This “everybody agrees with me, but I promised not to tell their names” is familiar to anyone who spends much time with children, but has been mercifully rare in adults until this recent illness. I tried to respond from a loving place, but, by the time I had written a paragraph or two I was short on compassion and long on traveling tips. The recent notes from Suzanne, Karen and Mary have been a needed tonic for me and so I offer myself into the fray. For those who can’t bear another long note the rest of the letter can be summed up with “get a life.” For those of stronger stuff here goes.

In the interest of expedience, (I am assuming by the time I get to the mail room, box space will probably be available by lottery only) I will address only a few points:

Re Janice M: Why are we even talking about this? Having only just finished this tome I found myself remembering a Saturday Night Live many years ago in which a newscaster was giving the news before a live camera. He picked up a bulletin and began “Charles Manson today claimed that he.. ..(at this point the newscaster casually threw the bulletin over his shoulder, looked into the camera and said) ‘but we all know he’s crazy,” he then picked up the next news item and went on. Like it? So did I. Anyone claiming to find one credible line in this hysterical twaddle would probably do well to remain anonymous.

I am also weary of being painted as a naive, stumbling, deluded fool who couldn’t use a mirror without an instruction manual. My respect for Swami, Durga and Vidura, Haridas, Anandi, Asha, Jaya, Jyotish and Devi, et all, is based on thirteen years of personal contact, careful listening and evaluation, all tested in the light of day. I did not come here expecting them to fix my life, seek my company or my advice. I ask them for their wisdom, and seek their counsel on matters in which they hold a greater knowledge or understanding. I feel very blessed to call them my friends.

From the first time I met Swami (13 years ago) until the beginning of this fiasco I have never placed him on a pedestal, but I would like to state unequivocally that his conduct, humility and compassion in the face of slander, treachery and the worst kind of cowardly attacks over the past several years have so moved and impressed me that he now has been elevated to that pedestal, and I bow at his feet. He is simply, what I wish to be. I gratefully accept him as the clearest channel of Masters teachings I have ever been exposed to. I am completely satisfied with his voluntary explanations of the charges leveled against him. There are no unanswered questions, no haunting doubts, just a very deep love and respect and a strong desire to see him free from the shrill yapping of little minds.

It seems quite clear that you will not bring Swami down, nor will you ever have enough support to change Ananda into what will fulfill your needs. Why try to destroy it? So Ananda didn’t fix your life, this certainly isn’t your last chance. Why blow the rest of this short incarnation feeling bitter and unappreciated. Take what you have learned here, good and bad, and start another colony. We all can agree that there is a great need.

Master’s child, naughty or good


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