Ananda members talk, March & April, 1996: Part 4

Allegations Are Not Facts
Dave & Maria Warner

March 17, 296 Dwapara [1996]

Dear Ones,

With all the unasked for letters in our mailboxes these days, Maria and I have hesitated to add to the deforestation of the planet that all this paper is responsible for. But D…’s recent letter needs an answer.

We have a unique perspective of Ananda. having been away from the Village for the last five years, serving our work in Seattle, Assisi, Moscow, and Palo Alto in the last year alone. Ananda is easily the most extraordinary place in the world. Sometimes it’s easier to see growth in people (children are a good example) when you haven’t seen them for awhile. Those who choose to embrace the light and Master’s teachings here are growing by leaps and bounds. I especially include Swamiji here. His transformation and transcendence in the last couple years is obvious to those who can see.

Others seem to be stuck– in the past, in old ways and habits, and in their own desire to see Ananda and Swami do things their way. I agree with you D… on one thing– it is time for many to “get unstuck and move on”, whether spiritually or physically. In any relationship, when one party is stuck, and chooses to remain that way, and the other party is growing, disharmony results. This seems to be the cause for the disharmony here. (A very low level of disharmony compared to the rest of the world!) Ananda has changed and grown more in the last five years than during my first fifteen years here. And Swamiji has grown in the last two years more than I thought possible. Some here at Ananda have a very hard time accepting these changes.

What specifically seems to be behind your problem D…, is that you refuse to recognize that first, Swamiji has accepted responsibility before Divine Mother and Master for everything he’s done in this life (and who but Divine Mother and Master can ultimately judge us?). And two, you seem to feel a need for Swamiji to make a public “confession” for all the alleged wrong that he’s done in this life. This is clearly your problem and need, D…, not Swamiji’s (or the community’s).

Finally, D…, you refer to the “unrevealed facts” that will come out in the Bertolluci trial (just as “Anonymous” referred to the “facts” in Janice Moreno’s declaration). Some people don’t seem to realize that allegations are not facts. Lies and slander are not facts. I know for a fact that many of Janice’s claims are neither facts nor truth.

All this brouhaha reminds me of a lone dog barking in the country at night. Soon other dogs start barking, thinking something big is going on. Before long, there is a whole chorus of dogs. Meanwhile, intelligent humans realize that the barking is out of all proportion to what the first dog was barking about. It’s long past time to stop the barking, let go, and move on.

Master told Swamiji that he had a “great work to do” – and so do we. Let’s get on with it!

In divine love and friendship,
Dave Warner, for Dave and Maria

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