Ananda members talk, March & April, 1996: Part 7

Encouragement in Troubled Times

Sunday, March 24, 296 Dwapara [1996]

Dear Ones,

Many years ago, when I was very new at Ananda and to public speaking, I found myself introducing Swamiji to a large crowd in Sacramento. Shaking at the knees, I managed to utter a word or two; my delivery was disappointing to say the least. Finally, with my head spinning from the exertion, I sat down.

After the lecture, as we were driving home I said, “Swami, I am so sorry.” He replied with deep love, ”You did fine.” Oh! How I appreciated the encouragement. My heart and soul were deeply touched.

When Swami and Ananda came under severe attack, I found myself spinning from a different kind of trial. What was going on? With all my will I did my best to understand. Finally in deep meditation I asked Master, “How do you feel about Swami?” Instantly I felt a wave of Divine Love. The blessed experience remained with me all day.

How can we figure out this complex drama? We are just children! And what do children do when they find themselves perplexed or in trouble.. .they run home! That’s what we must do.. .run to the home within.

What else helped me to understand a little of Ananda’s state of affairs? I have watched Swami. And what have I seen? A soul melting in God. This chapter of his life reminds me of St. John of the Cross.. .beaten and tortured for forty consecutive nights and each night he produced another mystical poem. Swami too, sends us soaring with his works given to him by God.

How I feel for those that are confused by this latest passing drama.
Even more, I feel for those that are attacking Svami and Ananda in Master’s name. When the veil lifts for them I pray that they can forgive themselves. Certainly we will forgive them.

That’s what it means to live at Ananda. We forgive, we get up and we start again! We’ve had to learn that.. .or Ananda would have expired long ago! When I think of Ananda and of Swamiji, I think of encouragement, despite troubled times.

If ever they overwhelm and crush us.. .what will they find? More Ananda Colonies springing up everywhere! We know what we are about. We are Master’s. Swami has inspired and taught us that!

Ananda has a very big heart. This stirring chapter in our colorful and exciting history will only make it bigger– of that I’m convinced

In Master’s Joy,

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