Ananda members talk, March & April, 1996: Part 18

Mail Box Wars, Chapter 108
Stan Parojinog

March 22, 296 Dwapara [1996]

Dear Ones,

This letter is for those of us who are still “sitting on the fence” concerning Swamiji and Ananda.

I’ve heard some say they don’t have much personal experience with Swami and therefore can’t make a clear decision between his claims and the claims of his detractors. Well, how much experience do you have with those detractors?? I’m speaking of the detractor’s like Eric Estep, not the ones living here who are just repeating what the others have said. Have you meditated with them for eight hours at Christmas? Have you been to Sunday Services and classes that they have given? Have you had the opportunity to share their vibrations through myriad tapes and videos, not to mention books? Have you had the opportunity to live in a community that they have created, and, every day seen their vibrations reflected in the smiles of other residents?

I have trouble, then, understanding where the confusion comes from. How can the claims of some people you’ve probably never met, weigh as heavily in your decision making process as your experience of Swami and the “fruits” of his vibration you experience every day by just living here?

Perhaps, it is the number of detractors that impresses you. “Twenty-seven people say Swami did bad things – but only one Swami says he didn’t.” But, look at the number of people who have been around Swami for years and claim there is just no way that Swami could have done the things he is accused of. Even Seva and Kalyani who are supposed to have been abused feel this way. It seems that the numbers are on Swamiji’s side.

Another question you might consider is this: Have you ever lived in a more joyful place in your life? Have you ever seen such joyful people? “All of Krishna’s soldiers look like Krishna.” It is Master’s love you see shining through the eyes of devotees here. But you need to realize that Master’s vibration comes to us, here at Ananda, through Swami’s attunement.

It is Swamiiji’s attunement, intuition and sweat that created Ananda. Swami is Ananda.

Some of the letters recently seem to imply that Ananda is a democracy. This is not the case. When I first came here there was a semi–joke about Ananda being a “Dharma–cracy”. It is clever play on words but it was no joke. We are an ashram and follow that example. We join to receive the teachings and blessings of the spiritual leader so we can find God quicker than we could on our own.

We did not come here to create the perfect community. We did not come here to get out of the city. We did not come here to live with nice people. WE CAME HERE TO FIND GOD.

Consider,then, what Ananda is, and what it isn’t as you thread your way out of your confusion. If you feel that what you want is Ananda without Swami’s vibration you’ll need to consider the matter a bit more. That is not an option.

Ananda is not the only path to Self-realization. God is very generous in giving us so many choices. If after your confusion clears you would like to stay at Ananda we would love to have you. But if you don’t feel in tune with Ananda’s vibration (Swami’s vibration) then you should leave and get on with your life and let us get on with ours.

When Martin Luther was unhappy with “The Church,” his solution was to start a new one. It was a great success, and, a great service to all the thousands that have joined it since. You could do the same.

Whatever you choose you are still a child of God and we bow to the God in you.

In His Love,
Stan Parojinog

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