Charges of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power: Part II – Kimberly Moore; Letter from Kimberly Moore to Ananda

Letter from Kimberly Moore [Parmeshwari] to Ananda members about her relationship with Swami Kriyananda

October 15, 1981

Dear Ones:

Before I met Swami, I lived on the island of Kauai in beautiful Hawaii. I’d been there seven years. In 1979 I met a wonderful teacher, whose name is Raghava Janaka Ananda, and his partner Sita. They were visiting Kauai for a month, and I asked them to teach me Yoga postures, Pranayama, and Biogenics. I practiced what I’d learned, and soon reached the point of needing further personal direction, energy, and support.

It gets pretty lonely out there on your own. So, the cry went out to the Cosmos for help.

Divine Mother must have heard me. Boy! Did She ever have an ace up Her sleeve! As Swami mentioned, there was instant soul communion the moment we met in the art shop on that glorious day. Such joy!

“Do you like my photographs?”

“Yes! They are some of the most sensitive photos I’ve ever seen. The ‘real’ Hawaii as I know it.”

“Would you like to see them in a slide show?”

‘Yes! I am very interested.”

And so we ended up spending lots of time together while he was on Kauai.

At that time I was married to a good man whom I had been with for seven years; Throughout those years my continued quest for knowledge led me ever closer, and finally onto, the path of meditation. Thus, I began to advance spiritually. But my husband couldn’t accept these changes in me. As often happens in such cases, this difference in our directions caused a growing strain between us. Eventually I had to leave the marriage.

I still love Eric dearly, and we are good friends. I am also carrying his child, a beautiful soul due to arrive in. March. Leaving with his child was not easy for me, nor for him, because we had talked of having a family for so long. But both of us realize that we are on different paths now, and must make the best of it.

I believe very strongly that I’ve done the right thing in pursuing my relationship with Swami. I feel this is what God intended, and that all things are in harmony with this action. There is a real reciprocating energy flow between . us which gives Swami a softer, gentler, more heartful and flowing nature. In return, I gain strength, will power, and wisdom in dealing with others. Both of us recognize more centeredness in ourselves, and our joy, love, and harmony grow more day by day. From this association the community is growing too, in strength, unity, understanding, love, joy, and inner awareness .on all levels.

We are planning to live in spiritual union and build our relationship according to God’s will, confident that the day will come when our familial relationship will blossom into a higher, more impersonal partnership, as spiritual marriages did in the golden age of India.

We hope to establish guidelines for spiritual marriage, and to help root the family aspect of life more firmly on the spiritual path. These areas are in desperate need of support and energy in order to show householders their value and equality with renunciates on the path.

Master (Paramhansa Yogananda) said, “Meditation, plus right action, plus mental non-attachment are the virtues of a true yogi. Whether his garb is that of a monk or a householder, he is treading the sure path to enlightenment.” In fact, in the first editions of Autobiography of a Yogi Master stated that the householder path, if it is founded in mental . uninvolvement with egotistical desires, ,’ is “the higher path.”

This is a change for all of us –something we’ll have to grow into gradually. But the community is making the transition joyfully, realizing more and more that it is not a change of direction, but an expansion, and a progression…

Swami and I look forward to serving you with divine love, with new ideas and insights, and with new guidelines for the benefit of every aspect of your life.

Please do feel free to write or talk to us. We would love to hear from you, and to know your needs, your thoughts and feelings, your own insights into the path we are exploring. Who and what you are is important to us.

May the joy of Master,
the love of Divine Mother,
and the blessings of our Father
guide us all
in the expansion of new understanding.

In Divine Love,

Parmeshwari [Kimberly Moore]

P.S. In time the ceremonial vows we took before God will be made available to you, in case you are interested (be you married or single)..

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