Experiences with Swami Kriyananda: Part 1

A visit from Swami Kriyananda while I was dying in the hospital
Happy Winningham
“I was coming in and out of consciousness. The meningitis had reached my brain causing it to swell and creating a pain that was indescribable. I was dehydrated, and my blood pressure became non-existent. Vital signs and hope were both dropping.”

First Meeting with Kriyananda
Judy Morningstar
“I had never met or seen Swami Kriyananda in person, but at times I felt a more peaceful vibration in the Ananda Palo Alto community, and someone would mention that Swami was here. I was determined to meet him face to face…”

Swami’s Courageous Honesty
Richard Salva
“One thing about Swami that has struck me over the years is his truthfulness. I have never known him to lie or prevaricate. He has always, in my experience, told the truth, especially regarding himself—no matter what light the truth put him in. His customary selfhonesty is one of the secrets of his inner clarity.”

Gentle as a Dove
Rambhakta Beinhorn
“I searched all over Ananda’s guest retreat after a Sunday service for Swami Kriyananda, wanting to thank him for his guidance over the years. The Expanding Light isn’t a big place, but I simply could not find him…”

He Quietly Pulled Out His Personal Checkbook…
Nirmala Schuppe
“I was working many years ago part time for a new business that was being run by someone of, shall we say, questionable character. The people responsible for appointing him were trying to help him to grow, but for those of us working for him, the situation was a real test…”

Advice in the Middle of the Night
Kent Baughman
“I was with Swami at the hospital very late at night the evening after his hip replacement surgery. Even while experiencing the pain and discomfort of the surgery, Swami still had time to give everyone his love and supportó including me. He and I were alone in the room when he started speaking to me. This is what he said.”

Willingness vs. Will Power: A Lesson in Receptivity
Kent White
“Several days into a pilgrimage of the Holy Land, I asked to carry Swami Kriyananda’s video recorder. He said, “Sure!” and off we went. After several blocks, I found the thing damnably heavy, like it was filled with bricks. A while later, just when the thought crossed my mind that my body was beginning to strain under the load…”

Training in Self-Acceptance
by Rambhakta Beinhorn
“One afternoon, I was taking pictures at the Ananda elementary school when Swami stopped by. He was laughing and talking with us, and at one point a child placed a musical instrument on the table and began banging on it, making a hideous sound. I started to shush him…”

Be Yourself, With Energy!
Anandi Cornell
“One thing I discovered when I first moved to Ananda was what it meant to have “authority issues.” I discovered them in myself, and I’ve been interested to note how common they are in this country…”

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”
“At age 38 I left graduate school to participate in an illegal business venture. The details are truly not important. Suffice to say that I honestly believed that having a whole lot of money would make me happy forever…”

Soul to Soul
by Asha Praver
“I was 24 when I first came to live at Ananda Village. At that time, Swami Kriyananda was 45. Starting a few months later, and continuing for many years, I worked closely with him, often on a daily basis…”

With My Own Eyes
Jayadev Jaerschky
“Kriyananda was here and I received a note that he wanted to talk to me. I was sure I’d get “my head washed” (as we say in German), meaning that I was about to get a good scolding. Imagine my surprise when the first thing he said was…”

True Courage is Born from Perfect Humility
Catherine Van Houten
“Several years ago, my husband, a family physician who operates a medical clinic near Ananda, went through an extraordinarily challenging time. The clinic served a relatively low-income population and was barely hanging on financially. Peter was exhausted, anxious, and at the end of his rope. He spoke with Swami Kriyananda, and shortly thereafter…”

Treasured Counsel
Richard Salva
“Years ago I visited Italy, and while there, met a young woman. We became close. After returning from Europe, I debated pursuing a long-term commitment with her….”

Swami’s Kindness: A Christmas Present
Richard Salva
“Sometimes, when Swami was out of town, I took advantage of his generosity and borrowed books and tapes from his library. There were many on the subject of saints and mystics, but Swami also had a near-complete collection of the works of his favorite humorist; P.G. Wodehouse…”

The Long Wait
Lila Devi
“A christening ceremony was scheduled. and all the families but one had gathered at the altar, everyone beautifully dressed, the newborns especially, in their fanciest whites. One family was late, and then very late…”

Seeking Truth
Sudarshan Simpson
“It seemed to me that my “inner building” had come tumbling down while in the presence of someone who had already transformed his own. But the individual bricks were still perfectly good and were ready for me to rebuild in a new and much more beautiful way…”

Ananda Community: Ideals Made Real
David Ramsden
“I was introduced to Ananda while enlisted in the United States Navy. I was looking for a teaching that embraced all people—a teaching that would inspire me to know and love God. I was given the book, The Path, as a Christmas gift…”

Snapshots from a Journey
Devi Novak
“I was living at the Seclusion Retreat, and as I approached the main complex of buildings, I noticed that Kriyananda was talking with a group of people who were standing about 200 yards from me. Though his back was facing me, he abruptly turned, left the group, and walked quickly to me…”

Coping with Chronic Pain
Kathleen Gardiser
“Years ago, in dealing with my fibromyalgia, I would rigidly repeat health affirmations. I would anxiously search out any negative emotions to be removed, and concentrate with firm conviction on visualizations of a physically healthy body. In anger and selfpity my ego would declare, “See, this is how hopeless it all is. I’m doing everything right with all my willpower and still I am in pain!” …”

Service is Joy
Peter Van Houten, M.D.
“My medical internship was far tougher than I’d expected it to be. Several other interns in our group quit early, and the rest of us went through the year extremely short-staffed. My work weeks were typically 80-100 hours. I was so sleep-deprived toward the end that if I sat down or simply stopped moving and leaned against a wall, I’d fall asleep immediately…”

A Difficult Question
Gyandev McCord
“During a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we were moving through the lively street scene. As Swami was enjoying the passing show, suddenly a young Arab man, obviously a new convert to Christianity, accosted him with considerable fervor: “Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins?”…”

An Interview with Swami Kriyananda
Bob Yehling
“When I came to Ananda in 1994, it was to receive the higher Kriya initiation and to interview Kriyananda for a magazine article. I spent three hours with him…”

To My Surprise
Zjahara Freedman
“Him?!” I replied in surprise. Because of the low-key, natural way in which people were interacting with him (and he with them), Swami seemed to me more like someone’s jolly favorite uncle than an imposing spiritual presence, at whose feet people were expected to bow…”

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