5. The Bertolucci Case: Its Meaning — Letter #3, by Swami Kriyananda

September 30, 295 Dwapara [1995]

Dear Ones:

This is the third letter in the “Bertolucci Meaning” series. Its purpose is to introduce the enclosed paper, “Truth Is Impersonal.” I and a group of Ananda members have collaborated in writing this paper.

Master once said: “How you all will change the work after I am gone! If I came back a hundred years from now, I just wonder if I would even recognize it.” It was to Daya Mata that he addressed these words.

Change is inevitable in this world. Something else Master said to Daya Mata, however, indicates that his basic concern for the future of his organization regarded not so much changes in its outer form as in its inner spirit. What he told Daya Mata also was, “When I am gone, only love can take my place.”

He once told Dr. Lewis: “No matter what you or I do, this work will follow a certain course, ordained by God.” I cannot believe that this “ordained course” includes the loss of its inner spirit, for that is the essence of the teachings. The sacred truths Yogananda brought must endure. These truths are, in fact, his work. The “ordained course” he referred to can only be changes in the outer presentation of them. Any changes, then, in the spirit of his organization must not be treated submissively with the thought that they have been divinely ordained.

The enclosed paper discusses changes in that essential spirit: specifically, in the spirit of love and of truth.

In Master,
Swami Kriyananda

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