SRF’s Lawsuit Against Ananda Ends – Press Release January 2003

Self-Realization Fellowship Lawsuit Officially Comes To An End

On December 16, 2002, the Federal District Court in Sacramento entered a Final Judgment officially terminating Self-Realization Fellowship’s (SRF) lawsuit against Ananda.

After the jury rendered its verdict on October 28, 2002, SRF and Ananda agreed to settle the rest of the case. Here are the main points of the settlement: Ananda and SRF agreed (1) that the jury verdict was final; 2) to waive all rights to attorneys fees and costs, and any other post-verdict motions, and 3) to waive all rights of appeal.

For those who like to read the legalese, here’s the pertinent language from the Final Judgment ending the case:

“Judgment now having been entered on all legal and equitable claims in this action, this document, in combination with the Judgment entered October 29, 2002 in accordance with the jury verdict and the Judgment entered October 20, 1997 in accordance with the Court’s order of the same date (as modified by the Judgment of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dated March 23, 2000) shall represent the complete Final Judgment of this action. As the parties have by settlement waived any and all post-trial motions and rights of appeal, the date of entry of this Final Judgment shall represent the final termination of this action.” (dated) December 16, 2002

Now that this long, costly lawsuit has finally ended, we at Ananda hope that there can be increasing harmony between the two organizations in the years to come, and that we can, in time, become friends. We feel that communication is most important for future understanding between the two organizations. Meanwhile, we extend our sincere love and friendship to all our gurubhais (fellow disciples) in Self-Realization Fellowship, and everywhere.

January 3, 2003 Press Release


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