Letters from Ananda members, Part 14

Saved by Kriya
Eric Munro

Without Kriyananda, I most probably would have spent this life in a spiritual rut.

While I’ve never personally known Kriyananda, only seeing him several times at lectures, it is through his “good works” of starting and leading Ananda that I’ve sustained an active spiritual practice that has turned much depression into ongoing happiness in my life.

About 10 years ago, after trying several new age groups and meditation techniques, I fell out of active spiritual practice. For the next 3 years my happiness slowly trod downhill, until finally I realized I must continue spiritual seeking.

I knew I needed to be part of a dynamic group to help me sustain any practice. I had been raised in Christian Science, a noble religion, and as a child had some strong experiences. However, their services consisted of members reading pre-selected passages. It was too dry for me to sustain consistent inspiration.

Ananda’s Sunday services were dynamic and inspiring. The meditation techniques were the most effective I’d tried. I’ve been practicing Kriya now for 6 years. I was initiated by Ananta, one of Ananda’s Kriya ministers. What a change it makes. It’s like a slow consistent improvement that keeps adding to your happiness year after year.

My 6 year old son attends Ananda’s Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto. This school inspired by Kriyananda trains children to “choose happiness” and “practice kindness” and it works. I’ve noticed a definite impact on my son. He is more cheerful and now can, with remarkable ease, regain his joyful attitude even moments after being disciplined by his father!

It saddens me to think the SRF leaders feel that Yogananda’s message and teachings should only flow from them.

Yogananda’s message is too wonderful and life changing to contain in one organization, it should bloom wherever there is fertile ground.

Kriyananda has cultivated very fertile ground in Ananda.

Eric is a member of the Ananda Church of Palo Alto. He has a career in Silicon Valley, and lives with his wife and two sons in their home in Palo Alto.

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