Letters from Ananda members, Part 42

Truth Is One and Eternal
Phil Hoffert

Writing about Ananda and Swami Kriyananda, for me, is much like writing about finding the truth. I was raised Catholic for 59 years. Seven years ago I went to a Meditation I class at Ananda to help me relax and get rid of my stomach aches. I wanted to go somewhere that was spiritual and not just a “stress reduction class. After all, I am a Marriage Family Therapist trained in stress reduction and have given many classes to Silicon Valley companies, adult education and for continuing education units.

I was awestruck by the very first class. It’s that intuitive feeling that “I’ve come home.” I’ve heard many people talk about coming home since 1994. I have spent the last seven years taking classes, reading and meditating, gobbling up all I could find of spiritual instruction on this path. If I can’t go to a series of classes, I buy the tapes and listen to them over and over.

My life has changed considerably. I learned to love Divine Mother, Yogananda and the whole Ananda way of living life. I can’t imagine living without it. I wake up with Yogananda and I fall asleep with Yogananda.

The people and ministers are my heroes now, whereas before it was psychology. My Gurus have helped so many of my clients. Not everyone is open to spirituality, but those who are thank me for it say I was the first therapist who was able to “really help them understand themselves and give them peace of mind.” It is a real high feeling to know that my Gurus are helping these people and I am their instrument.

It is too bad, especially since the terrorist attack, that SRF also continues to spread darkness with all their persecution of Ananda. They just don’t “get it”. All their claims against Kriyananda read like evil fairy tales. Do they really believe the stories they are telling? As a psychotherapist I could go on and on with a possible diagnosis of the SRF people who are doing this. But instead, I just pray that the truth, which is one and eternal, will come through to these few SRF members and leaders who are going astray, so that we can all be brothers and sisters in Yogananda and Divine Mother. I am sure most of us in SRF and Ananda already are spiritual brothers and sisters, all looking for the same truth. I pray that th ose in SRF who see the falseness and the evil of SRF’s attack on Kriyananda, will work to bring peace and truth to their wayward SRF members and leaders.

May Yogananda and Divine Mother bring us LOVE and TRUTH.

Phil is a member of the Ananda Church of Palo Alto, and lives with his wife Susan in San Jose, California. He has a private practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist.

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