Swami Kriyananda completely exonerated
Italian government dismisses 7-year investigation of Ananda as baseless

November 22, 2008

(PERUGIA, ITALY) On November 22, an Italian judge exonerated Swami Kriyananda and Ananda Assisi of all charges after a seven-year investigation by the government. The investigation was begun when a former member made accusations of criminal activity for the purposes of enslavement, brainwashing, coercion and tax fraud.

Ananda Assisi under investigation by government authorities (May 2004)

The community is cooperating fully, and believes the government will soon find the community innocent. Thousands of friends and guests have written on behalf of Ananda, saying the charges cannot be true, based on their personal experience.

Yogananda’s predictions for the SRF presidency (December 2003) by Swami Kriyananda

SRF lawsuit begun in 1990 officially comes to an end

(January 2003)

SRF lawsuit may soon be over (November 2002) Jury delivers verdict

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