Ananda Awareness Network Identities Revealed: Find out more about Ananda’s anonymous accusers

Ananda Awareness Network

The Ananda Awareness “Network” is actually a handful of individuals who carefully conceal their identity, perhaps to keep the public from knowing how few they are. They are, however,
well known to us. Here you’ll find a description of each one, and also more information about some of the anonymous postings on the AAN website (see links below).

Also on the AAN website are declarations from eight anonymous women against Swami Kriyananda. For more about who they are and Ananda’s response, please see Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct.

There is one remaining accuser who is not anonymous: Self-Realization Fellowship. For more about what they say about Ananda, and Ananda’s response, please see Yogananda for the World and The SRF Connection.

Who Are Ananda’s Critics?

Identities Revealed: The Eight Women

Identities Revealed: About Janice Moreno

Identities Revealed: A Response to Janice Moreno’s Testimony

Ananda Members Talk About Swami Kriyananda, Life at Ananda, and the Charges of Abuse And Misconduct: Letter From Jyotish and Devi About Janice Moreno

Identities Revealed: Janice Moreno — Letters From Jyotish and Devi

Letter From Janice Moreno Praising Swami Kriyananda

Identities Revealed: Eric (Sundaram) and Naomi Estep

Identities Revealed: Letter From Eric Estep’s First Wife

Identities Revealed: Letter From Eric Estep’s Second Wife

Identities Revealed: A Letter From Swami Kriyananda to Eric Estep (Sundaram)

Identities Revealed: About Two “Former Ananda Ministers”

Identities Revealed: Steve And Cheryl Scott

Identities Revealed: Craig and Yvonne Dockter

Identities Revealed: Don Price

Identities Revealed: About Ananda Moyi Ma


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