AUM Fund: Ananda’s United Mission

From Catherine Van Houten

Development Director, Ananda Church of Self-Realization

July 7, 1999

Dear Friend:

You’ll be pleased to hear, if you haven’t already heard, that Ananda’s proposed Repayment Plan was resoundingly approved on June 16th in federal Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento. The presiding Judge even took time at the end of the hearing to praise the solid work of our legal team and the integrity with which every detail was handled. This means that Ananda can now move forward to honor all our creditors’ claims. Best of all, with the SRF and Bertolucci legal battles behind us, except for the very limited, non-costly appeal in process in the SRF suit, Ananda’s debt will be shrinking rapidly.

Because you are a participant in the Ananda Investment Fund, the court process requires that we issue a new Promissory Note to you by July 31st. This is therefore the appropriate moment to let you know of one aspect of Ananda’s plan to honor our debt.

As Ananda moves into a new future, one of even greater clarity and depth of commitment to sharing Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings with the world, we wanted to consolidate the debt accumulated from the two lawsuits, and Crystal Clarity’s past financial challenges, into one sum for which we would gratefully accept donations. The “Master for the World” Fund which served as our “war chest” for the two legal battles seems ready to metamorphose into a new fund called “Ananda’s United Mission” (A.U.M.) which will play a major role in resolving that portion of Ananda’s debt which we as committed, core members embrace as the cost of maturing as a work, and as individual devotees.

We will be asking those friends and members, like you, who have demonstrated a deep, abiding desire to help Ananda over these last challenging years, to commit to “taking on” a portion of this debt total, by making a contribution of $7,000 – $10,000 or more/person to “Ananda’s United Mission” Fund. We can only presume to ask this of those who have already selflessly shared in this tapasaya which assures Ananda’s glorious future of dedicated service to Master’s Ray.

Some of you have already expressed their intent to forgive a portion or all of their loans to the Investment Fund, as their way of contributing to “Ananda’s United Mission” Fund. Since this is the point at which we must officially reissue a Promissory Note to you, we wanted to ask you if you could consider forgiving a portion or all of your loan to the Investment Fund. If you feel you are not in a position to forgive all, or even a part of the principal amount, perhaps you would consider forgiving all or a portion of the accumulated interest.

We’ve enclosed a response card to allow you to respond as easily and quickly as possible. Whatever you feel inspired to do, Ananda wishes to thank you again for your past help, and for your forbearance through the Chapter 11 process.

We looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, either through the return of the enclosed card, or through a call to Steve Weber at 530-478-7632.

Sincerely, in divine friendship,

Catherine van Houten
Ananda Church of Self-Realization

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