Identities Revealed: Craig and Yvonne Dockter

Craig & Yvonne Dockter

No one knows very much about these people. They hosted an Ananda meditation group in their home in Lodi, California in the early 1980s. After moving to Nevada City, they apparently joined a local SRF group and were turned against Ananda. We have no idea how or why they developed such deep negativity toward Ananda.

During the Bertolucci lawsuit, Craig acted as a process server. From time to time, even now, they do harassing things like excoriating a local bookstore owner for hosting a program by Swami Kriyananda, and writing anti-Ananda letters to the local paper. Many people believe that Craig is also the anonymous author of many of the virulent anti-Ananda and anti-Kriyananda messages that appear from time to time on forums, message boards, and chat rooms on the Internet.

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