Identities Revealed: Don Price

Don seems to be the main activating energy behind the Ananda Awareness Network website itself. The first registration of the website had his home phone number on it. Now they have more carefully buried the identity of the individuals involved.

Don was a quiet, rather unremarkable man who lived at Ananda for a few years many years ago. His main claim to fame is that he is one of only two people that Swami Kriyananda has ever ordered to do something.*

Don had an affair with a woman at Ananda and she became pregnant. The girl was not very practical, and barely able to take care of herself. When Don found out she was pregnant, he was suddenly seized with a great spirit of renunciation. Don went to Swami and announced that he wanted to be a monk.

In response, Swami said: “You will take care of that woman and her child!”

Don then decided that Swami was assuming too much of a “guru” role, and shortly after he left Ananda. The woman also left at the same time, and, apparently he did provide some level of support for her.

After Don left Ananda, he got involved with SRF and became staunchly anti-Ananda. When the Bertolucci suit got underway, Don got involved in putting the whole thing up on the internet. And, we believe, is still the one keeping the site going.

*Interestingly, the only other person to whom Swami has ever spoken in such a manner is Anne Marie Bertolucci. When Anne Marie made it clear that she was determined to win Danny for herself, even though Danny said he wanted to stay with his wife, Swami told Anne Marie she had to leave Ananda Village and go live in another Ananda community. “I will not let you stay here and break up that marriage,” he said to her.

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