Identities Revealed: Steve and Cheryl Scott

Steve & Cheryl Scott

This couple and their son—quite young at that time—lived at Ananda for a few years about 20 years ago. For a time Steve worked as a maintenance man, but eventually was fired from that position. Soon after they moved away from Ananda, but stayed in the area and became SRF members.

In his deposition, Steve said, after he left Ananda, he became a spy for SRF against Ananda. He said he received his assignments from certain monks at Mt. Washington, SRF’s headquarters in Southern California and would report back to them. He says he was one of SRF’s main sources of information about Ananda.

During the SRF lawsuit, on more than one occasion, Steve called Ananda’s publishing house, Crystal Clarity, and, using an assumed name, tried to gather information that could be used against Ananda in court. Unfortunately for Steve, the Ananda person sensed that something was fishy, and, in fact, recognized Steve’s voice.

Cheryl also made a trip to Master’s Market—the small grocery store at Ananda Village—on behalf of SRF. She purchased certain products which later were the subject of a declaration in the SRF case, attempting to show—unsuccessfully—that Ananda had violated SRF copyrights.

Steve also served as a process server during the Bertolucci lawsuit. Cheryl appeared with Anne Marie several times as her “support person” during Anne Marie’s deposition. Eventually, Cheryl took a job as secretary for Anne Marie’s attorney, Ford Greene.

Because the judge saw that Bertolucci and her lawyers were determined to try the case in the media before it was ever tried in court, much information in the case was declared “highly restricted.” Nonetheless, restricted information often appeared on the Ananda Awareness website the same day it appeared in court. We have no proof, but it is logical to assume that Cheryl played some role in the violation of the court order and the transfer of restricted information.

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