Swami Kriyananda — Italian Awards

Official letter documenting Swami Kriyananda’s award of the symbolic “keys to the city” of Rome. (Click to enlarge.)

Medaglia Giulio Cesare-sm-for-web
Official document certifying Swami Kriyananda’s receipt of the Premio Ponte, literally, the “Bridge Award,” recognizing his services as an author in bridging the gap between (rough translation) “philosophy and practical life, science and religion, teacher and student, age and youth, social service and self-improvement, Orient and Occident.” (Click to enlarge.)


In addition to these two awards, Swami Kriyananda received an “International Award for Goodness,’ in Milan, Italy, 2004, which the critics naturally claim is fake, having found no evidence of it with their Internet searches. The award was created by Alessandro Sassoli, a long-time friend of Swami Kriyananda’s who lives in Rome, and consisted of a gold olive leaf. When we have the documentation, we will post it here.

For the full list of Swamiji’s achievements, awards, and honors, see this page.

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