The truth about the charges of sexual and financial misconduct against Swami Kriyananda and Ananda

FOR YEARS, a small group of people have sought to discredit Swami Kriyananda and Ananda through lawsuits, the Internet, and the media.

Who are these people, and why are they criticizing Ananda? Are their statements true? On this website you will find answers, offered by Ananda members who speak freely and openly from their knowledge of the people and issues involved. For example: the anti-Ananda websites prominently feature anonymous statements by “J.M.” Here, you can find a complete and candid discussion of J.M.’s (Janice Moreno’s) history with Ananda, under paragraph 6 below.

Where to Find Answers

The article The Bertolucci Lawsuit: A Personal Account by Asha Praver may offer all the answers you need. • For in-depth information, browse the lists below. • If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. Your questions will be respectfully received and fully answered. • You may also contact any Ananda Center to discuss the issues. To understand the broader cultural climate, born of radical gender feminism, that made the Bertolucci lawsuit possible, see paragraph 7, “An Alarming National Trend.”

Finally, for a true and faithful account of Swami Kriyananda, we suggest the book Swami Kriyananda, As We Have Known Him, by Nayaswami Asha, a close friend who served as his secretary for a number of years. This book offers more than 200 stories from long-time friends and acquaintances, as well as Asha’s personal reminiscences. They paint a portrait of one of the most inspiring and important contemporary spiritual figures, who served his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, faithfully to the end.

NEW: An important article by Nayaswami Asha, long-time secretary and coworker of Swami Kriyananda: Defending Yoga in America: The Sacrifice of Ananda. Asha explains how, in the 1980s, the yoga movement in America came under attack from psychologists who were intent on destroying the guru-disciple relationship by coddling people’s egos, and how Swami Kriyananda, through the SRF/Bertolucci lawsuit, rescued yoga.

NEW: Was Swami Kriyananda a Jivanmukta — a Liberated Soul? A 50-year disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda talks about the broader significance of the SRF lawsuit against Ananda, including the Bertolucci trial.

Recent Charges

The self-styled enemies of Swami Kriyananda now claim that he has lied about the long list of honors received by him. Specifically, they claim to have discredited his receipt of the Medaglia Giulio Cesare, which symbolically represents an award of the keys to the city of Rome. They also claim that he never received the Premio Ponte. Follow this link to view official documentation of these awards. (Honestly, how do these people not bore themselves to death?) To get an idea of the measure of their pettiness, see Swami Kriyananda’s Accomplishments, Awards, and Honors.

Follow the links for details…

1. Overview

  1. The Bertolucci Lawsuit: A Personal Account by Asha Praver
  2. What I Learned From Bertolucci’s Lawyers, by Asha Praver
  3. Lawsuit Claims Ananda is a Cult: What Do You Think?
  4. The Bertolucci Lawsuit: Cult Expert Said Bertolucci Verdict Wouldn’t Stand
  5. Who Was Bertolucci’s Attorney? – The SRF Connection
  6. More Courtroom Shenanigans by SRF Attorney Flynn
  7. Even Yogananda Faced Lies About His Character
  8. Why Ananda Didn’t Appeal the Bertolucci Case
  9. The SRF Connection
  10. SRF (Self-Realization Fellowship) Reaps What It Sows
  11. Why Ananda Lost the Bertolucci Trial
  12. A Landmark Legal Case for the Yoga Movement in America. Swami Kriyananda: Gurus, Spiritual Authority, and Renunciation
  13. The Bertolucci Lawsuit: A Complete Summary of the Case
  14. Swami Kriyananda Answers an SRF Critic
  15. The Bertolucci Lawsuit: SF Chronicle Article
  16. Ananda’s Position On Anonymous Websites
  17. Ananda and Swami Kriyananda: Testimonials

2. The Bertolucci Lawsuit

  1. Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power? The Hidden Truth.
  2. The Eight Women – Their Untold Stories
  3. Charges of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power: Kimberly Moore — Letter From Kriyananda
  4. Charges of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power: Kimberly Moore — Letter From Kimberly Moore to Ananda
  5. Charges of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power: Kimberly Moore, Yoga Journal Article

3. Ananda Answers the Charges

  1. Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct. Part 1: The Story Behind the Story. Yogananda’s instruction to Kriyananda
  2. Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct: Part 2: Kimberly Moore (Woman #3). The key to untangling the web
  3. Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct: Part 3: A difficult time in Kriyananda’s life after his marriage to Kimberly Moore ended in 1981
  4. Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct: Part 4: All Other Allegations. Ananda answers the testimony of the four remaining women who filed depositions
  5. Ananda Answers Charges of Sexual Misconduct: Part 5: Anne-Marie Bertolucci
  6. Ananda Answers Charges of Financial Misconduct. How 2000 devotees paid off $6 million in legal bills, and how we think about money at Ananda

4. Swami Kriyananda Answers the Charges

  1. Introduction Part 1 – Letter: Something Has Come Up That Must Be Faced
  2. Introduction Part 2 – Letter
  3. Yogananda — Avatar for the New Age of Energy-Awareness
  4. The Bertolucci Case — Its Meaning, Letter #1, by Swami Kriyananda
  5. The Bertolucci Case — Its Meaning, Letter #2
  6. The Bertolucci Case — Its Meaning, Letter #3
  7. A Talk by Swami Kriyananda at Ananda Village
  8. What Belittles the Ego, Expands the Soul, by Swami Kriyananda
  9. As Seen Through My Eyes. The Bertolucci Trial, by Swami Kriyananda
  10. Kindness and Support Versus Judgment and Punishment, by Swami Kriyananda
  11. How to Relate to a Spiritual Teacher — An Individual Perspective, by Swami Kriyananda
  12. A Saint Is a Sinner Who Never Gave Up, by Swami Kriyananda
  13. A Song of Gratitude, by Swami Kriyananda
  14. A Personal Statement After the Trial, by Swami Kriyananda
  15. Is Swami Kriyananda a True Swami?

5. Swami Kriyananda Answers Self-Realization Fellowship

  1. Swami Kriyananda Answers Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF)
  2. My Separation From SRF, by Swami Kriyananda
  3. Yogananda’s Predictions for the SRF Presidency
  4. Swami Kriyananda Answers: Who Has Made Changes to Yogananda’s Teachings? Part 1
  5. Swami Kriyananda Answers: Who Has Made Changes to Yogananda’s Teachings? Part 2
  6. Swami Kriyananda Answers: Who Has Made Changes To Yogananda’s Teachings? Part 3

6. Identities Revealed: Who Are the Accusers?

  1. Who Are Ananda’s Critics?
  2. Ananda Awareness Network Identities Revealed: Find Out More About Ananda’s Anonymous Accusers
  3. Identities Revealed: About Janice Moreno (J.M.)
  4. Identities Revealed: A Response to Janice Moreno’s Testimony
  5. Ananda Members Talk About Swami Kriyananda, Life at Ananda, and the Charges of Abuse And Misconduct: Letter From Jyotish and Devi About Janice Moreno
  6. Identities Revealed: Janice Moreno — Letters From Jyotish and Devi
  7. Letter From Janice Moreno Praising Swami Kriyananda
  8. Identities Revealed: Eric (Sundaram) and Naomi Estep
  9. Identities Revealed: Letter From Eric Estep’s First Wife
  10. Identities Revealed: A Letter From Swami Kriyananda to Eric Estep (Sundaram)
  11. Identities Revealed: About Two “Former Ananda Ministers”
  12. Identities Revealed: Steve And Cheryl Scott
  13. Identities Revealed: Craig and Yvonne Dockter
  14. Identities Revealed: Don Price
  15. Identities Revealed: About Ananda Moyi Ma

7. Swami Kriyananda: Completing the “Great Work”

  1. Swami Kriyananda: A Life of Discipleship — Introduction
  2. Guidance From Yogananda
  3. Service to SRF
  4. Friend and Guide
  5. Writing
  6. Writing Sample: Preface From Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
  7. Music
  8. Paramhansa Yogananda’s Legacy For Education And Children
  9. Ananda World Brotherhood Colonies
  10. Founding of Ananda
  11. Contact: Ananda Communities & Centers Worldwide

8. Press Releases About the Lawsuits

  1. News
  2. Lawsuit May Soon Be Over: Press Release From Ananda 11/4/2002
  3. Appeals Court Re-opens the SRF Lawsuit
  4. The Jury’s Decisions In The Bertolucci Lawsuit
  5. Ananda Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
  6. SRF’s Lawsuit Against Ananda Ends: Press Release January 2003
  7. Assisi News: Police Raid and Arrests
  8. Assisi News: Swami Kriyananda Exonerated

9. FAQ: About Ananda

FAQ About Ananda
The Role of Women at Ananda
Contact: Ananda Communities & Centers Worldwide

10. Ananda Through the Years

  1. Introduction, Part 1
  2. Introduction, Part 2
  3. Why Ananda Has Succeeded
  4. Serving the Larger Community
  5. Honoring Financial Obligations
  6. Relations With Public Agencies
  7. Relations With Neighbors
  8. Lawsuits Against Ananda

 11. Letters from Ananda Leaders to Members

  1. Letters From Ananda Leaders to Members
  2. To Ananda Meditation Group Leaders: The Bertolucci Trial Begins
  3. AUM Fund: Ananda’s United Mission
  4. Letter: Total Debt — $4.4 Million
  5. What Does It Mean To Love Divine Mother?

 12. Ananda Members Talk: Experiences With Swami Kriyananda

  1. Index of Stories, with Brief Descriptions
  2. Swami Kriyananda’s Courageous Honesty, by Richard Salva
  3. True Courage is Born of Perfect Humility, by Catherine Van Houten
  4. Treasured Counsel, by Richard Salva
  5. Swami’s Kindness. A Christmas Present, by Richard Salva
  6. The Long Wait, by Liladevi
  7. Seeking Truth, by Sudarshan Simpson
  8. First Meeting with Kriyananda, by Judy Morningstar
  9. Ananda Community. Ideas Made Real, by David Ramsden
  10. Snapshots From a Journey, by Devi Novak
  11. Coping With Chronic Pain, by Kathleen Gardiser
  12. Service is Joy, by Peter Van Houten, MD
  13. Gentle as a Dove, by Rambhakta Beinhorn
  14. A Difficult Question, by Gyandev McCord
  15. An Interview with Swami Kriyananda, by Bob Yehling
  16. To My Surprise, by Zjahara Freedman
  17. Advice in the Middle of the Night, by Kent Baughman
  18. He Quietly Pulled Out His Personal Checkbook…, by Nirmala Schuppe
  19. Willingness vs. Will Power. A Lesson in Receptivity, by Kent White
  20. Training in Self-Acceptance, by Rambhakta Beinhorn
  21. Be Yourself, With Energy! by Anandi Cornell
  22. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them,” by Anonymous
  23. Soul to Soul, by Asha Praver
  24. With My Own Eyes, by Jayadev Jaerschky
  25. Finally My Heart Could Breathe, by Hanna Spengler
  26. A visit from Swami Kriyananda while I was dying in the hospital, by Happy Winningham
  27. A Channel for Yogananda’s Vibration, by John Lenti
  28. Why I Have Stayed at Ananda, by Nalini
  29. I Prayed and the Answer Came, by Mary Kretzmann

13. Ananda Members Speak Openly and Candidly

  1. Ananda Members and Friends Answer the Charges
  2. Ananda members talk about Swami Kriyananda, life at Ananda, and the charges of abuse and misconduct
  3. In the Midst of Tests, God’s Grace is There, by Jyotish and Devi Novak, Co-Spiritual Directors of Ananda
  4. Introduction & Index
  5. Get a Life! by Brian Powers
  6. “I Can No Longer Tolerate…” by Cathy Parojinog
  7. Allegations Are Not Facts, by Dave and Maria Warner
  8. Turn on the Light, by Dennis Schulman
  9. Where Could I Go? by Eric Glazzard
  10. Encouragement in Troubled Times, by Haridas Blake
  11. I Came Here to Serve Master, by J. T. Heater
  12. Who is Standing on the High Moral Ground? by Karen White
  13. Something for Women to Think About, by Lennie Martin
  14. Folks, Let’s Get Real, by Mary Kretzmann
  15. Our Intuition Is Being Tested, by Nirmala Schuppe
  16. A Spiritual Process for Spiritual People, by Parvati Hansen
  17. I Had to Do It My Way, by Rambhakta Beinhorn
  18. Friend and Guide, by Roy Gugliotta
  19. A Great Spiritual Hero, by Savitri Simpson
  20. An “Old Timer” Talks About the Early Days, by Seva Wiberg
  21. Mail Box Wars, Chapter 108, by Stan Parojinog
  22. We Have to Take a Stand, by Sitabai Betts

14. Letters From Ananda Members

  1. I Know This Man, by Vijay Girard
  2. It Would be Laughable if it Weren’t So Cruelly Directed, by Ananta McSweeney
  3. What I Learned From Bertolucci’s Lawyers, by Asha Praver
  4. My Experience with Swami Kriyananda, by Bent Hansen
  5. Swami Kriyananda, Beloved Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, by Jayadev Jaerschky
  6. How 2000 Devotees Paid Off $6 Million in Legal Fees (and Still Counting), and How We Think About Money at Ananda, by Catherine Van Houten
  7. My Experience at Ananda, by Clarita Poselli
  8. Accept What Is, by Wayne Palmer
  9. Ananda’s Real Motives — An Insider’s Personal Perspective, by David Steinmetz
  10. Graciousness, Kindess, Humility, by Deborah Golub-Gregorelli
  11. In Service to God and Guru, by Diana Down
  12. The Triumph, by Devi Novak
  13. My Life Has Become Worthwhile Because of Swami Kriyananda, by Durga Smallen
  14. Saved by Kriya, by Eric Munro
  15. Judge the Tree By the Fruit, by Jayadev Jaerschky
  16. Only Later Did I Figure It Out, by Joe Begley
  17. My Spiritual Family, by Leslie Ghirla
  18. Held in the Light, by Lila Devi
  19. The Credit Goes to Yogananda, by Maitri Jones
  20. A Little Cunning, A Reputation Destroyed, by Marilyn Holm
  21. Does Ananda Financially Exploit Its Members? by Greg Dyal
  22. A Personal Perspective on Ananda, by James Conti
  23. On Hero Worship, by Richard Salva
  24. Many Ways to Enjoy a Garden, by Cheryl Sargent
  25. What Is a Devotee? by Dave Bingham
  26. Ananda Helps Me Help Others, by David Kessler
  27. The Gift of Attunement, by Dianna Smith
  28. Trust the Heart, by Elizabeth Mason McConner
  29. A Greater Power at Work, by Gary Wojciechowski
  30. Swami Kriyananda. A Loyal Disciple, by Greg Dyal
  31. A Family Affair, by Gunther and Gabi Kautsch
  32. The Freedom to Grow, by Jan Lotichius
  33. A Beacon of Light in Times of Trial, by Janakidevi Steinmetz
  34. Secret of Happiness, by Kathleen Gardiser
  35. My Closest Friend After Master, by Kristy Fassler-Hecht
  36. An Example of What I Might Become, by Lalita Motyka
  37. Kriya Is the Key, by Matt Stickney
  38. The Making of a Wedding, by Marilyn Holm and Joe Begley
  39. Why I Have Stayed at Ananda, by Nalini Graeber
  40. A Noble and High-Minded Man, by Nirmala Schuppe
  41. I Am the Fruit of the Fruit, by Patty McCarley
  42. Truth Is One and Eternal, by Phil Hoffert
  43. Only Love, by Richard Salva
  44. Disagreement Welcome, by Sadhana Devi Helin
  45. A Treasure I Hold In My Heart, by Savitri Simpson
  46. Joy Is the Surest sign, by Sharon Brooks
  47. The Best Moments of My Life, by Susan Hoffert
  48. I Prayed Deeply to Yogananda, by Zoe Matthews
  49. What Happened on March 7, 1952? by Nitai Deranja
  50. Swami Kriyananda, My Friend and Guide on the Spiritual Path, by Parvati Hansen
  51. My Years With SRF, My Years With Ananda, One Devotee’s Story, by Rambhakta Beinhorn
  52. A Meaningful Life, Helpful to Others, by Seva Wiberg
  53. Naturally Spiritual, by Sharon Clark
  54. The Best Friend I’ve Ever Had, by Sheila Rush
  55. I Know This Man, by Vijay Girard
  56. More Letters 1 — Ananda members talk about Swami Kriyananda, life at Ananda, and the charges of abuse and misconduct
  57. More Letters 2 — Ananda members talk about Swami Kriyananda, life at Ananda, and the charges of abuse and misconduct


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